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Pat Pendleton The Artist Pat Pendleton
One of the first things people comment on is the extraordinary use of color in Pat Pendleton’s paintings. You can read about “Celebrating the Joy of Color with Pat” below. She is a contemporary artist who seeks to capture what is most universally authentic through her paintings by always allowing nature to be her guide.
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Pat chose the name “True Colors” for her art, studio and gallery because it’s another way of saying “authenticity,” which is what she strives for in her life and work.

“It’s all about colors, shapes, edges,
AND what touches your heart.”

Jazz painting

True Colors Studio & Gallery
Located in Belmar, a planned community in Lakewood, Colorado just 10 minutes from downtown Denver and 10 minutes from the Rocky Mountains. True Colors Gallery features Pat’s artwork and invites you to visit when you are in the area. Pat provides a sampling of her work available for purchase as well as greeting cards, napkins and other specialty products. See the True Colors Store

Celebrating the Joy of Color with Pat
“Painting for me is both meditation and communication. I meditate on an idea or a place until out of paying attention with my whole being it begins to translate onto the canvas.

I continue to meditate on the painting as it’s being created, trying not to get ahead of what is emerging. I must be still and patient and act only out of connection as any other agenda will show up in the work.

The painting experience teaches me to see what is there and to trust the process both in myself and in the work. As I become a more authentic person so does the painting.

Communication comes when sharing my work with others. Even an untrained eye will connect with honest work or remain untouched by mere technique. When I’m painting from my essence, when it comes from that connected place within me, people recognize that. They say things like, “When I see your painting it touches my soul.”